Extra virgin Olive Oil Spello, produced by Frantoio di Spello Uccd comes from one of the most characteristic cultivar of Umbria, the variety of moraiolo embodying approximately ninety percent of the olive-groves in the historical range between Assisi and Spoleto, extending to the valley ternana.

A particular microclimate, the morphology of the terrain, the perennial plant care, the traditional hand harvesting are the elements necessary to obtain an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality. Among the peculiarities of the cultivar stands out the ‘ optimal acid composition of its fruits , with a concentration of oleic acid equal to seventy-five percent and a high content of polyphenols.

The oil, cold extracted , is obtained by application of the continuous method and by means of a control and constant temperature monitoring system.

These remain unchanged under the age of twenty-seven degrees centigrade during all the processing phases while maintaining a high rate of polyphenols